Books and Supply List

School Supply List 

Consumables: Grade level fine arts supplies, language supplies, and testing fees- these differ from the school supply list and require a contribution directly to the school. Please follow the link below to complete.

7th & 8th Grade Middle School Consumables

9th – 11th Grade High School Consumables

12th Grade Senior Students Consumables

Classics to Keep Home Library  – 2020- 2021 Book list 

It is the tradition of Great Hearts and North Phoenix Prep to inspire students to develop a personal library of literary classics they can keep, annotate and return to throughout their academic careers. Therefore we encourage parents to purchase these “Classics to Keep” so that your student may graduate with an impressive library of literary masterpieces. However for families that do not wish to purchase these texts, students will be given access to an academy copy to be used as a part of the curriculum. Students should not mark in the books provided by North Phoenix Prep and they must be returned once classwork is finished.“Classics to Keep” are available through any book seller. Please make sure to purchase editions with the exact ISBN number which has been provided for your convenience. Note- French Classics ISBN include the link to purchase direct from the publisher.

Textbook Deposit: New Families Only

At the beginning of each academic year textbooks are issued to each student to use at home for the remainder of the year. While at home these textbooks remain the property of North Phoenix Prep and require a deposit that is fully refundable upon return of the textbooks in permissible condition. Most families choose to have the deposit roll over yearly; the deposit it then returned upon graduation or if the student transfers for any reason.

If the cost of supplies and books is a hardship for your family please contact Erin Hudson,