Extra Curricular Programs

While Great Hearts does not require participation in extra-curricular activities, it has become clear students are happier and more successful if they are involved in them.  This is the reason we continue to offer them and run them.  They provide creative and physical outlets that help build a well-balanced life.  Students also learn gratitude through teamwork, joy in serving, and fortitude through school spirit.

As a measure of accountability to each student and their families, Great Hearts and North Phoenix Prep does not permit student-led extracurricular groups.  Rather, the Academy offers a host of options crafted and executed by the school to ensure the most meaningful opportunities consistent with the school’s mission for student involvement, enrichment and success. Below is a summary of Great Hearts’ extracurricular activities going forward.

  • Athletics:  Under the supervision of the Athletic Director, students in Middle and High School will have the opportunity to compete in a range of Athletic opportunities.
  • Volunteer Opportunities:  In running the operations of the Academy, there are a host of circumstances in which student volunteers are invited to assist the school in organizing and executing special events, providing peer support, senate and lanista programs, editing school publications, community volunteer activities, and other similar roles.
  • Enrichment courses:  A typical school-day provides six rich hours of learning for students.  The Academy knows that many students will crave additional opportunity to study some topics more deeply while others may wish to explore previously unstudied subject matter.  The Enrichment Courses are additional opportunities for students to receive instruction from the Academy’s faculty outside the ordinary time of the school day.  While the exact meeting time(s) may vary and the exact content of each course may change from semester to semester, the menu of enrichment courses that a school offers are from a fixed list that our network can best support, supervise and continually improve.  All enrichment courses have attendance requirements and culminate with a final project/deliverable at the end of the semester.  The following are some enrichment courses the Academy may offer:
  • Art
  • Antiquities
  • Theatre
  • Choir
  • Philosophy
  • Poetry
  • Science
  • Writer’s Workshop
  • Horticulture
  • Chess Strategic Games
  • D&D Strategic Games
  • Archery
  • Debate

Parents/guardians are encouraged to work closely with the teachers and administration in support of the superb extra-curricular offerings for students.

As always, the safety of students is paramount as is the wise management of every activity in which they are engaged.For all extracurricular activities, students should be picked up at the time the extracurricular activity ends.Siblings who are not registered in extracurricular activities are not allowed to be on campus during the extracurricular activities.

Extracurricular activities are a privilege, not a right, and students can be suspended from extracurricular activities for academic or behavioral reasons at any time by decision of the coach, athletic director, or school administration.

To be eligible for extracurricular activities at the Academy, the student must maintain passing grades in all subjects and must have displayed good behavior. If a student’s fails any course in a quarter, they may be suspended from all Academy extracurricular activities for the following quarter.

Please reach out to me, or to Mr. Black with your questions.


Corinne Jacobson | Headmaster
North Phoenix Preparatory Academy