Gladiator Teams

Ludi Gladiatorii (Gladiator Games)

The North Phoenix Prep Gladiator Program fosters pride, respect, and teamwork through academic and athletic competition. Each gladiator team has developed a unique culture and set of traditions that represents the particular interests and talents of its members. Gladiator teams are run by high school leaders, or lanistae, appointed and directed by the teachers. Each team also has teacher sponsors, or editors. In addition to competing against each other, teams collaborate to perform one major act of community service per year. Examples include organizing food drives, participating in walk-a-thons, and donating school supplies to underprivileged schools. At North Phoenix Prep, our Gladiator Program is an integral part of our middle school culture. Our teams provide us with the support, encouragement, and motivation to do our best and strive for excellence.