Introducing “Helping Hands”, a new program helping the families of

North Phoenix Preparatory!


Have you ever felt like you needed someone to lean on but didn’t know where to go for help? Have you ever felt like a little bit of temporary help would make all the difference in the long run?  Do you wish you could reach out to others in need but don’t really know how to or where to start?  Then Helping Hands is where to go!


What is Helping Hands?  Helping Hands is a way to bring our community at NPX together to support each other in this journey of parenting and life.  We all have seasons in our lives where we could use a helping hand, while others may be in a season of abundance where they are able to reach out and be that hand.  This program is a way we can help match the needs of our NPX community with those who are able to help.


How does it work?  Below you will find two links.  One link is to submit a name of family or individual who is in need of help.  You can fill this out for yourself or for someone you are aware of who could use assistance.  Some needs may seem small, others may seem big.  But we are here to help for the needs of all! The second link is to submit if you are able to be a Helping Hand to another family.  You may have extra meals prepped in the freezer that would make another person’s life easier during a difficult time.  You may have a gently used calculator, clothing or shoes that would ease a financial burden.  You may be able to sponsor a student to attend a field trip or social that might be financially challenging for the family.  The possibilities are endless.  Our goal is to match the needs with the gifts and bring our community together to bless each other.


But I don’t want a Handout! Good, because that’s not what this is! Helping Hands is not a handout, but rather a way to support and build each other up in this journey. As our community grows, we want to be there to support and encourage each other along the way.  Temporary help is sometimes necessary.  Even if it’s something easy like carpooling or intermittent child care, there are others in the community who want to help.  We all have different gifts and abilities, and when we share those with each other, our entire community will thrive.


Will everyone know I needed help?  Offered help? Not at all!  The entire program is kept strictly confidential except for the faculty members who will assist the Helping Hands Committee in matching up needs and gifts.  Your needs or your gifts will never be made public.


How can I start? Click on the links below and the forms will be submitted directly to our Helping Hands email!  You are just a click away from helping a neighbor, easing a burden and quite possibly, making a new friend!

Helping Hands Request Form

Helping Hands Support Form